Dear Alumni Graduates of Khon Kaen University,

This year, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences will celebrate its 40th anniversary. To mark this milestone, we are working to create an active network through a new Alumni Page by reconnecting our alumni based overseas at any stage of their career. The aim is to build together a strong and united international alumni community in order to create lasting connections and bring a long-life relationship with the university and each other. This platform will bring social and professional networking opportunities for career development and collaboration.

Indeed, to start this project, as a former student of the faculty, your opinions and perceptions of your past experience at the faculty, and your career growth after your graduation are highly essential for us. Your response will help us to promote, shape and enhance the academic program and training for future students. In addition, sharing your achievements is a way to give prospective students a flavor of life at our university and inspire the next generation who wish to follow your professional path and success. We hope that this interactive page will be a solid base to create connections and share experiences between alumni and new students.

Therefore, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences wishes to invite you to take part in this project and request your collaboration in completing the enclosed questionnaire. Your answers will be used on the alumni board. Please find enclosed this letter, the link to answer the questionnaire in Google Form including the consent agreement. You have the possibility to edit your information by submitting another survey.

Link for “Alumni survey Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Khon Kaen University (KKU)”:  Click Here

Download PDF MS Word

Furthermore, if you have kept contact with other alumni, we kindly ask you to please forward this letter and questionnaire to them. If you have any questions regarding this project or would like further information, please feel free to contact us, either directly to me at or Elisabeth KY, Alumni Coordinator, at 

Thank you for your involvement and your willingness to participate with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Khon Kaen University. We look forward to hearing from you.

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