Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Khon Kaen University

Online training course-Lancang

Call for Applications: Online training course on

Early Detection of Unsafe Food by Risk-Based Programme

Date: 15th February to 25th February 2021

Organized by
• Khon Kaen University
• Embassy of The People's Republic of China in The Kingdom of Thailand
• Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation

At the completion of the course, participants should:
• Understand the method of detection and analyzing by risk-based approach
• Be capable to set the sampling plan for risk products • Increase their awareness of reporting and communication to the public

Course content
• Sources of contamination and health effects
• Food standard, acceptable amount for each countries
• Field work for food sampling at Fresh Market
• Practicing for 5 Kits (borax, formalin, sulfiting agent, pesticides, coliform)
• Reporting for screening tests
• Risk communication

Participants will be recruited from Lao PDR(6 persons), Burma(6 persons), Vietnam(6 persons), Cambodia(6 persons, China(6 persons) and Thailand (10 persons).

Who should attend? (free of charge)
Persons work in the field related to food safety control activities such as teachers, health officers, local administrators, food producers, food vendors, market owners, supermarkets, restaurant owners, health educators, university staffs. Persons worked with government, private sector, self employed are all welcome to participate in the training.

Mode of training
• Online for international participants
• Onsite in Khon Kaen for Thai participants
• Participants must be able to communicate in English

This training is free of charge

Online application at https://forms.gle/ZbUNhsv9HvGqvXtS8
Or scan QR code for application

Application form should be submitted before 20 January 2021

Brochure Lancang-online 15-25 Feb 2021

For further information, please contact
Ms. Sirichanya Kaewsaraphum 
International Relation Officer
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Khon Kaen University (KKU)
E-mail: sirika@kku.ac.th