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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of the health sciences faculties of Khon Kaen University (KKU). KKU is the major university of education and technology in the Northeastern region of Thailand. Our faculty was established in December 1980 to meet the National Economic and Social Development Plan No.4 under the health development plan of the country.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of KKU is the oldest school of pharmacy the Northeastern region of Thailand and is the only school of pharmacy in Thailand that offers a bachelor degree in pharmacy in the English language.

The Faculty’s mission is to produce graduates with professional and high quality research portfolios and to increase the proportion of graduate research-focused expertise in pharmacy. In 2019, our faculty received the honorary award of outstanding research management within Khon Kaen University.

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“The most wonderful experience was the cooperation with all the lovely staff, especially my advisor and overseas friends.”

Mister Johnny Syhalath
Master of Science Program in Health Consumer Protection and Health Management

“Today, I can transmit my knowledge to teach my students.”

Miss Bouasavanh Labounmi
Master of Sciences Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Products

“I have come to know the Thai people like my cousins. They are very friendly and kind, especially professors. “

Doctor Sysay Palamy
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Research and Development in Pharmaceuticals

“If you are looking for a top-quality education in minded, KKU is the right choice for you. “

Miss Toum Lathsamee
Master of Pharmacy Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences

“I received the best knowledge and experiences to apply in my work, which improved my skills in different fields.”

Miss Souphaphone Sorsavanh
Master of Sciences Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Products

“I can attest to the high quality of education at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at KKU”

Liudmila Yarovaya
Doctor of Pharmacy (English Program)