Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Khon Kaen University


Miss Toum Lathsamee

Miss Toum Lathsamee

Faculty of Pharmacy University of Health Sciences Vientiane- Lao PDR

• Master of Pharmacy Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Year of graduation
October 2018

I heard about the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from my friend. At that time, he was pursuing a PhD in this faculty. He advised me to check out the faculty offers on the website and he also recommended that the Faculty had a very good program that was suitable for me. When I arrived here, it was very nice to find out that many great things were available which was useful for every student. Indeed, the Faculty focused a lot on the student’s studies and provided many facilities like a proper environment in the classroom, clean surroundings, more equipment in the laboratories, and kind people. Overall, the facilities were very good.

As alumni of the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, I would like to recommend that if you are looking for a top-quality education in minded, KKU is the right choice for you.