Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Khon Kaen University


Mister Sitha Kim

Mister Sitha Kim

Lecturer- Faculty of Pharmacy,International University Development and Evaluation of Floating tablets Phnom Penh - Cambodia

• Master of Pharmacy Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Year of graduation
October 2018

Studying a master degree at KKU brought me many memorable experiences. It is so far different from a bachelor degree. The 2 years program gave me a lot of knowledge relating to research, especially to pharmaceutical laboratories. Studying at KKU, it is not easy to graduate on time if you do not work hard. Graduating from KKU made my dream come true. I was allowed to teach in the Faculty of Pharmacy in my country. I would like to take this chance to thank my advisors Aj. Ekapol and Aj. Napaphak who led my project until I completed it. and also my friends from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar who always supported and encouraged me, as well as Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., Prof., and all staff at the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, KKU for the facilities support.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia