Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Khon Kaen University


Mister Ketsana Duangsavanh

Mister Ketsana Duangsavanh

The bureau of Food and Drug inspection Ministry of Health - Lao PDR

• Master of Science Program in Health Consumer Protection and Health Management

Year of graduation

The reason I chose KKU is because it corresponded to the job position I wanted in relation to consumer protection.

Moreover, Khon Kaen University is a famous university known for its research and development activities. The teaching system is modern and the university wasn’t far from my home.

I used all the knowledge acquired during my studies in my work in Vietnam for consumer protection, i.e., product inspection, checking products process, summarization of various reports and plan implementation, as well as knowledge on products legislation of neighbouring countries.

After graduation I became more patient and confident. I learnt how to deal and solve various problems, and improved my teamwork and communication skills. In addition, I am passionate and feel more involved in my work for the contribution of society.